Madison Free Skool is looking for teachers, organizers and facilitators!   We are currently planning all classes ahead of time.  If you would like to teach a class, organize an event or lead a group, please email madisonfreeskool@gmail.com for more information on how to get involved.

(Some) Teacher Guidelines:

  • Your class should be something you are excited about, have some experience with and want to share.  You don’t need to be an expert!
  • Be creative!  There are many kinds of classes and events to offer.
  • You need to be committed to your class or event. If there are changes to the time or date, you will be responsible for communicating directly with attendees and/or the listserv.
  • As a teacher/facilitator, strive to be inclusive of all people, regardless of age (kids are people, too!), race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, language skills, formal education, economic situation, etc.
  • You may ask for a suggested donation to cover necessary supplies, but if you turn a profit you are asking too much!
  • You are encouraged to do your own publicity, by making fliers, talking to folks, etc.  Spread the word about the free skool and help us grow!

What you don’t need: A teaching certificate, a degree of any kind, all-knowing expertise, authoritarian attitude, 


3 responses to “Teach

  1. Erin Barnard

    String Jam – getting together to play music on string instruments – I can give technique pointers on playing violin and viola especially, but also cello, and string bass such as note reading, learning by ear, vibrato, shifting, other left hand techniques, and a variety of bow styles and techniques. Any style of music welcome, any level of player. Parents can learn along with their kids, adult beginners, anyone!

    Full confession: I am currently a public school orchestra teacher and I also teach at Monroe Street Fine Art Center giving violin lessons and teaching art classes in mosaic, batik, recycled crafts, and bookmaking. However, I’m looking to re-create the love of music I was given as a child in musical jams and collaboration. I also love learning new things so the Madison Free Skool sounds awesome to me and I’d love to contribute! I also think music enriches lives a lot and my greatest accomplishment is helping kids grow into adults that can appreciate/participate in music at a higher level. SO, this could give me the chance to bring my teaching full circle and get rid of the barriers that might discourage adult beginners: cost of lessons and the commitment.

    Does the Skool help teachers find a place to teach the class? I live in the Williamson-Marquette neighborhood.

  2. Erin Barnard

    Wow, I guess I need an internet class too (not really, just embarassed I thought the “leave a reply” was the form to post…) Nothing like a mistake in world-wide internet public. Sheesh.

  3. Hi-
    I have a few events that could be cross listed with FreeSkool as they are open to all and no- cost. I am also open to doing a stand alone puppetry and theater for activists class…

    Procession of the Species is a biodiversity art parade held on June 25th in conjunction with the Summer Solstice Festival in Olbrich park.
    FREE workshops to make giant puppets and masks for the parade will be held at 2717 Atwood ave Wednesday 6-9 pm and Saturdays noon-4 pm beginning May 4th. Also seeking volunteers for the event (fire building, food, clean up crew etc…)

    Forward! marching band is community street “honk” band. We play at rallies, marches and parades. We are all ages/ abilities. Weekly open practice (new members welcome) is Monday night 7-8:30 at 2717 Atwood. Practice will move to Orton Park bandstand in May 6-7:30 pm.
    Forward! would also be open to teaching a separate music class at some
    For more info please contact Laurie (at) MadProcession.com

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