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Kick-Off for the Bike Ride to Chicago!

Spread the Word! On Saturday, May 5th, we will be gearing up for the Cycles of Revolution: !Brake the Banks! ride to Chicago to confront NATO!

Food from local restaurants! Bands! Workshops on NATO and why we should stand up to them! Bike maintenance and repair! Raffle prizes from local businesses!

Hummer Piñata — take a swing!

When? Saturday, May 5th, 11 am- midnight (bike maintenance from 11 am-2PM bring your bike!) See the rest of the schedule at http://www.grassroutescaravan.org

Where? Evolution Arts Collective Warehouse, 202 S. Dickinson, Madison
What? Learn more about NATO, the ride and have fun
Why? Because bike culture needs all of us to counter car culture and wars for fossil fuels based resources
Who? You, your friends and family!


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