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Call for zine entries for anarcha-feminist reader

What: Call out for zine entries for anarcha-feminist reader to accompany workshop at the Madison Zine Fest!

Deadline: November 1st, 2012

It’s not too late to submit an entry of art, poetry, essays or musings on manarchy in the Midwest as we organize here to fight the good fight against all forms of oppression!

The zine is not done yet, as originally planned, so there is ample time for you to get your entry in for the copies coming out on November 10th to be presented in conjunction with the following workshop described below.

I have one poem, some song lyrics, three essays and some clip art I got off the internet so far, so come on! Let’s get YOUR amazing art, essays and poetry OUT there! Deadline for entries is November 1st.

And please contact me [] about the wording of the workshop description too, if you think it needs to be tweaked. I am aiming for an amicable, solidarity-building mood that will help us all feel empowered and able to talk about these things in a productive, sensitive way.

Workshop description:

Identifying and dismantling male supremacist culture in our daily practice of organizing

This will be a workshop for women identified individuals to get together to share stories of organizing events, working on projects, working on radical institution building, doing childcare, and otherwise living our lives. It will be presented through the lens of anarcha-feminism which believes each of us have a voice and a story to share in our sisterhood as we collectively fight the good fight to dismantle patriarchy in our lives and beyond. We will explore the concepts of and styles of male supremacist culture in email exchanges, facebook comment threads and conversation. Thistle Pettersen is the workshop’s host, an anarcha-feminist living in Madison working on DIY projects such as the Grassroutes Caravan mobile bicycle villages of resistance, the Madison Infoshop and other radical endeavors around the Midwest. She will lead the discussion of male supremacist culture, what it looks like, sounds like and acts like, and then open up the floor for women to share their stories with each other of when they have experienced male supremacy in their lives. This workshop is open to women of all genders, queer women and individuals who suffer from women’s oppression. The focus of discussion will remain upon women’s unique plight and silencing in the patriarchy. If you do not feel comfortable coming to this workshop, but you have a story to share, consider making an entry to the zine to accompany the workshop, Musings on Manarchy in the Midwest: anarcha-feminist reader to accompany workshop presented at the Madison Zine Fest, November 10th, 2012. Deadline for entries is November 1st. You do not have to identify as an anarchist to write or do art for this zine!

In addition, please contact me about the format for this discussion and we can brainstorm ideas for other spaces where women can talk to each other.


Men, you are encouraged to attend a separate workshop prepared by Ken Klippenstein, a male feminist ally, that will be held at the same time as the women’s workshop.


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Grassroutes Caravan potluck, slide show and reunion August 1

What: Grassroutes Caravan potluck, slide show and reunion

When: Wednesday, August 1, beginning at 6pm

Where: Chakra Sonica, 1218 E. Mifflin

Join us for a potluck reunion for friends of the Grassroutes Caravan! If you have been on a GRC ride or helped out for one, or just want to learn more about bicycle culture, join us for some sweet reminiscences. If you live in Madison, bring a dish to pass, and bring your GRC ride pictures to add to our community super-collection!
If you are in need of a place to stay, please contact Seth, Carl or myself (Thistle, thistle[at]riseup[dot]net), and we can arrange for a place for you to pitch your tent or just throw down your bed roll.
All are welcome!

6 PM potluck — Cous cous, quinoa vegetable salad, and Seth’s famous Chakra Tonics, plus whatever you bring! Coming from out of town? Your presence is gift enough.
7:30-8 PM — Information and idea-sharing
8 PM — GRC slide show and open mic for sharing memories and performances
9ish PM — join in with the full moon bike ride that draws hundreds of cyclists in Madison. Bring your GRC flags, patches and bling bling for this ride!


About Grassroutes Caravan

The GRC has been part of the Madison activist scene since 2007 when some peeps at the Madison Infoshop came up with the idea of organizing a mobile village to travel by bicycle to the Republican National Convention being held in St. Paul in 2008.

We planned for over a year to recruit riders into our intentional mobile community and to make sure we would all have ample healthy food, places to stay and places to do volunteer service and perform. We traveled for thirteen days and twelve nights together in our village to St. Paul.

August 2012 marks the 5 year anniversary of this bike activist institution and the accomplishment of four large rides since 2008. For this reason, the elves at Grassroutes Caravan central are putting together a wonderful full moon night of reuniting and signing thank you cards for all the rad local businesses that have supported the Grassroutes Caravan through the years.

To learn more about the history of Grassroutes Caravan go to:

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Wisconsin Books To Prisoners Information Session

What: Wisconsin Books To Prisoners Information Session
When: May 30th, 4 PM – 6PM
Whe426 West Gilman, Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative

The Wisconsin Books To Prisoners volunteer collective will be showing folks the process of how to help with sending books to prisoners. We have our donated book collection in the basement of Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative and we can show new volunteers how the program works.

Every  Wednesday at 4 PM, the Wisconsin Books To Prisoners collective meets at Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative to package books to be sent to Wisconsin prisoners or to discuss ways of keeping the program going. We have our donated book collection in the basement of Rainbow.

We have also have a LGBTQ books to prisoners part of the program, which a volunteer runs from their home and can always use help.The Madison Infoshop receives the LGBTQ prison letters and this program sends books to LGBTQ prisoners in and out of state.

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Kick-Off for the Bike Ride to Chicago!

Spread the Word! On Saturday, May 5th, we will be gearing up for the Cycles of Revolution: !Brake the Banks! ride to Chicago to confront NATO!

Food from local restaurants! Bands! Workshops on NATO and why we should stand up to them! Bike maintenance and repair! Raffle prizes from local businesses!

Hummer Piñata — take a swing!

When? Saturday, May 5th, 11 am- midnight (bike maintenance from 11 am-2PM bring your bike!) See the rest of the schedule at

Where? Evolution Arts Collective Warehouse, 202 S. Dickinson, Madison
What? Learn more about NATO, the ride and have fun
Why? Because bike culture needs all of us to counter car culture and wars for fossil fuels based resources
Who? You, your friends and family!

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Women & Children’s Clothing Exchange

What: Women & Children’s Clothing Exchange

When: Saturday, May 5th, 10am-12pm

Where: Park in front of the Wil-Mar Center (corner of Jenifer & Brearly)

Here’s a link to more information and the Facebook event page.

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History and the Making of Mobile Villages of Resistance

What: History and the Making of Mobile Villages of Resistance

When: Saturday, April 14th, 11am and 2pm

Where: Memorial Union, see TITU for rooms

Saturday, April 14th, Grassroutes Caravan organizers of this year’s Cycles of Revolution Ride to Chicago will present a powerpoint on the history and the making of mobile villages of resistance at the Memorial Union at 11 am as part of the Occupy Spring and Beyond conference.

At 2 PM, the same powerpoint and workshop will be given again in the Memorial Union. (TITU). All are welcome to come learn about this exciting social change movement!

The discussion following the powerpoint will focus on our 2012 ride to Chicago, May 13th-22nd. Rider applications to join this year’s ride, are due May 5th. Zine for the ride, village points of agreement and rider applications will be available at the teach-ins, but are also available in electronic form up on our web site.

Even if you can’t take off from work or school to come on the ride itself, “it takes a village to ride a bike” (especially into a police state!), and there are lots of ways to plug into the caravan that do not involve hopping on a bike and coming with us to Chicago.

So come on out bike-lovin’ Madison! Learn more about this historic journey taking place in May from Madison, via Milwaukee to Chicago to let NATO know they are not welcome in the Midwest!

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What is Green Anarchy?

What: What is Green Anarchy?

When: Sunday, April 15 at 2 PM

Where: Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative

Anarchist John Zerzan will be in Madison, WI to talk about reconnecting to the
natural world. He’s an anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, anti-technology,
anti-work, anti-state philosopher all rolled into one. Zerzan is host of
Anarchy Radio in Eugene, OR and former editor/collective member of Green
Anarchy magazine.

Zerzan will be Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative Sunday April 15 at 2 PM for a
conversation/Q&A. It will be an informal and short talk of his most recent trip
to India to meet anti-authoritarians with questions afterward.

This is a free event, but donations are greatly appreciated. Zerzan is
receiving no funding to speak in Madison, WI but he is getting a UW-Stevens
Point grant to speak there the day after the Madison, WI event, which covers
mostly his travel costs.

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