The Road Goes Ever On and On

Dear Freeskoolers,

We write to you today to announce a changing of the guard: a new team of enthusiastic, self-directed learners/teachers is offering its time and energy to the Madison community through the Freeskool. Allie and Shannon, fond founders, are officially taking our leave. There have been incarnations of the Madison Freeskool before the one we started in the kitchen of 1221 Spaight St. in 2009, we bet there will be more after, and this switcheroo is just one more motion in the evolving dance of community building and self-motivated learning here in Madison.

Please welcome Amy, Brandon, and friends as the new stewards of the Madison Freeskool. The new website is located here:

We are deeply grateful for the presence of the Freeskool in our lives, and that means YOU! Thank you for being part of the Madison Freeskool community. We wish you all the growth and insight, the motivation and magic, of learning and teaching your whole lives long.

Allie and Shannon


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One response to “The Road Goes Ever On and On

  1. Amy Anderson

    Thank you, Allie and Shannon!!

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