Thanks for coming to the kick-off potluck!

And a warm welcome to the new freeskoolers!

Here’s a brief recap of our learn/teach ideas from this potluck discussion. If you’re interested in learning/teaching anything on this list, make a comment on this post (or reply to the list email) so we can gauge demand and critical mass.

Things we want to do/learn:

  • Free Choir!
  • printmaking
  • primitive/outdoor skills
  • plant ID/wildcrafting/urban edible gathering/medicine making
  • beekeeping

Things we can teach each other:

  • Davi holds GO! game nights at Sector 67 on Thursday evenings, and can teach things about programming, science, math, music theory, and drumming.
  • Ashley can teach fermentation such as the art of kombucha.
  • Kara can teach things related to plants, urban-edibles, cooking, fiber arts/knitting, science activities for kids, and beginning ukelele.
  • Nate can teach math and physics, astronomy and weather.
  • Shannon is interested in teaching/sharing about plants, herbal medicine making, kimchi fermentation, and chocolate making.

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