Winter Freeschool Kick-off Potluck this Saturday!

greetings freeskoolers!
it’s time to kick off the Madison Winter Free School season. It’s also Samhain (Halloween) time, the Witches’ new year, and a time to honor death and celebrate rebirth. Seems like a great time for a Free School Potluck!

Saturday, November 3rd
7pm: gathering, eating, 8 pm: talk about the free school, followed by more gathering and eating
at 1221 Spaight St.,(it’s a house with a rainbow flag on the porch railing, between baldwin and few sts. NOT wheelchair accessible, unfortunately)

I’ll make a big pot of veggie chili to start things off 🙂

Since the last time we saw each other…

After our last potluck in the spring, Allie and I had ideas about keeping the freeschool active through the summer and fall. But there was a reason the freeschool was originally a winter freeschool project, and Allie and I burnt out and turned our attention to other summer projects. Now, with the turning of the season, my thoughts are turning to the free school and Allie is moving on to other places.

I want to bid Allie a very, very fond farewell and thank her for spearheading this incarnation of the Madison Freeschool. I know she’ll be taking the freeschool with her, in a sense, because after all, freeschool is a state of mind.

Allie and I envisioned the freeschool as a network, a way to meet your neighbors, share skills, collaborate on projects, and form learning partnerships or groups. In the past couple years we’ve organized and hosted skill shares, workshops, field trips, and potlucks. The free school is also a community experiment to build relationships, and to spark conversation about the nature of learning and the possibilities of education. Anyone can teach a class, organize an event, or put together a workshop. For me personally, the freeschool is about curiosity, creativity, mystery, self-directed education, and exercising my power to build the society in which I wish to live. It’s also about empowering others.

That’s all for now! At the potluck we can share some ideas about what we’d like to learn and teach this winter, meet other freeskoolers, and eat some delicious food.

Feel free to email me with questions or to say hello. Hope to see you at the potluck!



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