Call for zine entries for anarcha-feminist reader

What: Call out for zine entries for anarcha-feminist reader to accompany workshop at the Madison Zine Fest!

Deadline: November 1st, 2012

It’s not too late to submit an entry of art, poetry, essays or musings on manarchy in the Midwest as we organize here to fight the good fight against all forms of oppression!

The zine is not done yet, as originally planned, so there is ample time for you to get your entry in for the copies coming out on November 10th to be presented in conjunction with the following workshop described below.

I have one poem, some song lyrics, three essays and some clip art I got off the internet so far, so come on! Let’s get YOUR amazing art, essays and poetry OUT there! Deadline for entries is November 1st.

And please contact me [] about the wording of the workshop description too, if you think it needs to be tweaked. I am aiming for an amicable, solidarity-building mood that will help us all feel empowered and able to talk about these things in a productive, sensitive way.

Workshop description:

Identifying and dismantling male supremacist culture in our daily practice of organizing

This will be a workshop for women identified individuals to get together to share stories of organizing events, working on projects, working on radical institution building, doing childcare, and otherwise living our lives. It will be presented through the lens of anarcha-feminism which believes each of us have a voice and a story to share in our sisterhood as we collectively fight the good fight to dismantle patriarchy in our lives and beyond. We will explore the concepts of and styles of male supremacist culture in email exchanges, facebook comment threads and conversation. Thistle Pettersen is the workshop’s host, an anarcha-feminist living in Madison working on DIY projects such as the Grassroutes Caravan mobile bicycle villages of resistance, the Madison Infoshop and other radical endeavors around the Midwest. She will lead the discussion of male supremacist culture, what it looks like, sounds like and acts like, and then open up the floor for women to share their stories with each other of when they have experienced male supremacy in their lives. This workshop is open to women of all genders, queer women and individuals who suffer from women’s oppression. The focus of discussion will remain upon women’s unique plight and silencing in the patriarchy. If you do not feel comfortable coming to this workshop, but you have a story to share, consider making an entry to the zine to accompany the workshop, Musings on Manarchy in the Midwest: anarcha-feminist reader to accompany workshop presented at the Madison Zine Fest, November 10th, 2012. Deadline for entries is November 1st. You do not have to identify as an anarchist to write or do art for this zine!

In addition, please contact me about the format for this discussion and we can brainstorm ideas for other spaces where women can talk to each other.


Men, you are encouraged to attend a separate workshop prepared by Ken Klippenstein, a male feminist ally, that will be held at the same time as the women’s workshop.


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