History and the Making of Mobile Villages of Resistance

What: History and the Making of Mobile Villages of Resistance

When: Saturday, April 14th, 11am and 2pm

Where: Memorial Union, see TITU for rooms

Saturday, April 14th, Grassroutes Caravan organizers of this year’s Cycles of Revolution Ride to Chicago will present a powerpoint on the history and the making of mobile villages of resistance at the Memorial Union at 11 am as part of the Occupy Spring and Beyond conference.

At 2 PM, the same powerpoint and workshop will be given again in the Memorial Union. (TITU). All are welcome to come learn about this exciting social change movement!

The discussion following the powerpoint will focus on our 2012 ride to Chicago, May 13th-22nd. Rider applications to join this year’s ride, are due May 5th. Zine for the ride, village points of agreement and rider applications will be available at the teach-ins, but are also available in electronic form up on our web site.

Even if you can’t take off from work or school to come on the ride itself, “it takes a village to ride a bike” (especially into a police state!), and there are lots of ways to plug into the caravan that do not involve hopping on a bike and coming with us to Chicago.

So come on out bike-lovin’ Madison! Learn more about this historic journey taking place in May from Madison, via Milwaukee to Chicago to let NATO know they are not welcome in the Midwest!


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