St. Paddy’s Day Infoshop fundraiser!

When: St. Patrick’s Day (this Saturday, March 17), noon – Lucky Leprechaun Late

Where: Dancing Oak, 2122 Rusk Street, across from Hawthorne Park in the Atwood neighborhood

Come meet and greet with lucky leprechauns at this Madison Infoshop fundraiser on St. Paddy’s Day! Madison Food Not Bombs will provide the meals and Dancing Oak will present two films. Test your skills by doing the Lucky Leprechaun Leap game and contribute to a giant shamrock art project for the infoshop.

Bring green glitter or other adornments for the shamrock and receive a special door prize!


noon – lunch provided by Madison FNB ($5 suggested donation)
12:30 – film screenings start with an introduction by David Williams
5 -7 PM – FNB serves another meal ($5 suggested donation)
7 – Lucky Leprechaun Late PM – Party with Irish music and games!

The Wind That Shakes the Barley” (2007, 127 min) portrays the brothers Damien and Teddy in the Irish Republican Army during the Jan 1919-July 1921 War of Irish Independence against the British. The Irish-British conflict was ended by the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921 which established the Irish Free State in all of Ireland except the six northern counties (which make upon northern Ireland to this day). Unwilling to accept this compromise with the British, a breakaway faction of the IRA fought unsuccessfully in the 1922-23 Irish Civil War against the better armed forces of the Irish Free State. In this latter conflict Damien and Teddy are shown tragically pitted against each other as sworn enemies.

Michael Collins” (1996, 133 min) depicts the military and political career of the principal leader (played here by Liam Neeson) of the Irish War of independence, main negotiator with the British, and architect of the Irish Free State who was assassinated during the Irish Civil War.

Madison Infoshop:
Madison Food Not Bombs:


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