Security Culture 101

When: Tuesday, February 7th, at 7pm
Where:  Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative’s Infoshop Annex, 426 W. Gilman

The Madison Infoshop Collective will be hosting a workshop and discussion on Security Culture and it’s role in progressive and radical movements. The workshop will include discussion on security culture’s role in more recent Midwest activist history, and a discussion of ways in which above-ground movements can minimize security breaches while working effectively toward their goals. The workshop is open and free to the public.


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  1. Check out our new website:

    The Infoshop Annex/Kiosk at the Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative (where this Security Culture will be held) has about half of the Madison Infoshop’s lending library available for check-out. Books can be loaned out and zines preferably stay in Annex/Kiosk for perusal.

    The other half of our lending library is still at our main location at 1019 Williamson Street (Basement), Madison, WI.

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