Cheap Travel Discussion Group Ideas!

The Cheap Travel discussion included 7 individuals who were interested in travel. We shared our experiences and discussed possible cheap travel options. There will be another Cheap Travel Discussion this January. Here is a list some of our cheap travel ideas:
  • Coach Surfing (it is important to build a network and your profile in order to surf in other places)
  • Rent from locals- apartment above stores
  • Ask locals where they go to eat, get a hotel, (it is sometimes less expensive than tourist options)
  • Bike camping is an inexpensive way to travel
  • Google maps has public transportation option to help you map your route, may save time/gas/money
  • Attend a local farmers market or open air market to buy food
  • Craigslist has a rideshare section where you could find others traveling to a similar location in the US
  • Before traveling make bulk granola and soup mixes
  • When bike camping use your bike and a tarp to make a quick and cheap lean to
  • people have had mixed results with this organization and the farms they have worked on but it is a cheap way to travel
  • good search engine for finding cheap plane tickets
  • site to find housing and food in return for 5 hours of work a day at that person’s house.

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  1. These tips are great to travel in cheap way. I think idea for asking locals about the places to stay and eat is better way for cheap travel. Thanks for these valuable tips.

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