Re-visioning and Distilling Stories, Creative Writing Workshop II

What: Creative Writing Workshop II

When: Sunday, December 4th, 3-5pm

Where: the Dandelion (it’s a house) 1221 Spaight St.

RSVP if possible to

The next creative writing workshop will be this Sunday from 3-5 pm, at the dandelion, 1221 Spaight St. Please come about ten minutes early if you can, to get settled so we can begin promptly at 3 pm. Tea and snacks provided!

This session we’ll start off generating some more new writing, and in the second half really dig into re-visioning our pieces, distilling what’s strongest and most gripping about them, and turning it into another piece of original writing. So if you’re returning from the last session, bring your work from last time, and if you’re new to this session, this workshop will still be accessible and totally fun. Bring your desired writing utensils and paper products.

Please RSVP to if possible! Last time we filled up my living room and were pretty much at max capacity! It was awesome!

See what we did last time here and read about the workshop series here.


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