Creative Writing and Book Arts Workshop, Saturday!

What: Generating Stories, the first in a series of creative writing and book arts workshops

When: Saturday, November 19th, 4-6 pm

Where: the Dandelion (it’s a house) 1221 Spaight St.

RSVP if possible to

The series will begin with a couple of creative writing workshops to generate stories/ideas. Then we’ll spend another workshop distilling and re-visioning our stories (this is creative editing, it’s not tedious). Next, we’ll learn how to make our own paper from scavenged material. Then we’ll scribe our stories to the pages and learn a variety of book binding techniques to complete our tomes. The series will culminate with a night of storytelling and showcasing our work.

You can come to the whole series or any single workshop. No experience, preparation, or special equipment necessary. Please RSVP if at all possible, and bring a notebook and writing utensils to each workshop.



  1. Generating Stories: Saturday, November 19th. 4-6 pm, at the Dandelion: (it’s a house) 1221 Spaight St.
  2. Generating Stories and Distilling Stories: Saturday, December 3rd, 3-5 pm. Location TBA.
  3. Re-visioning and Distilling Stories, mid-winter
  4. Paper Making, mid-winter
  5. Scribing (maybe?), late winter
  6. Bookbinding, late winter
  7. Storytelling Party! spring

Why creative writing and book arts?

Okay, let’s get serious here. The digital age is in sway. What is the purpose and value of tangible, tactile books? I’d like to discuss this and other questions through these workshops. How are book arts explored in the zine movement? How does self publishing affect information access/sharing? Who writes history, and how does source impact our perspectives? What is the personal and communal value of handmade goods, both the making and the having?

Whether you’re a renowned poet or a writer of many lists, the creative writing workshops will be accessible and interesting. We’ll write several different pieces at the first workshop using verbal and sensory prompts. Feedback focuses on strengths and sparks.

Winter is for storytelling, crafting, and hanging out. We’ll dream up our stories at the beginning of winter and reveal them at the end.

Who are Kellie and Shannon? How do they work?

Kellie has several years experience in book arts and trained at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. She is passionate about the book arts community and multimedia art forms.

Shannon writes YA sci-fi novels, zines, cookbooks, and poetry. They are driven to engage the community in projects and conversation about the tangible book, and to empower others in self-publishing.


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