Om-the-Dome this Friday, 11/11/11

Where: State Capitol Building

When: 1-2pm


In stillness or in motion, in silence or in song, come “om-the-dome” at our State Capitol building on Friday, November 11th at 1 PM right after the Solidarity Sing Along that will be held outside on the State Street steps of the capitol.

From 1-1:30 you are invited to explore the many chambers of the capitol building by just walking through, or by singing and dancing in a free space. Sitting in silent meditation is also welcomed and encouraged.

From 1:30-2 PM, we will om-the-dome together, within sight of each other in the rotunda. All you need to do is open your throat and sing an “oh” sound with an “mmm” at the end of each utterance. It’s easy! It’s the universal OM in Our House, Our H-OM-E!

Peace, love and happiness to Everyone on this beautiful day. At 7 PM on this same evening at the Center for Conscious Living on East Washington, there will be a group drum circle. More info about this at OM-THE-DOME or through the CCL website at


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