Film Screening – Noise and Resistance – Tomorrow Night!

Thursday, August 25 · 7:00pm

Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative
426 W. Gilman

The Madison premiere of Noise and Resistance, a documentary about contemporary radical DIY culture abroad.
Event starts at 7:00 sharp. Suggested donation ($1-10).

Preceding the documentary, Monty Cantsin presents 16mm shorts from the 3TON Cinema archive, consisting of ‘orphan’ and ‘ephemeral’ films from the 1930s-1970s such as educational and industrial material, plus newsreels, rare cartoons, travelogues.

Julia Ostertag and Francesca Araiza Andrade’s NOISE AND RESISTANCE:

“There are other ways. Commerce, capital, and consumption are by no means irrevocable necessities in today’s world. In their angry and rousing documentary “Noise and Resistance,” Francesca Araiza Andrad…e and Julia Ostertag show that those who think so are not alone in this opinion. What some would describe as mere din and nuisance, they prove to be a vital articulation of resistance: here punk is neither a passing fad nor a dusted relic from the past but the lively expression of an attitude towards life.

“The directors enter the centres of a vivid and vibrant, a rebellious and self-conscious scene. Be it squatters in Barcelona, anti-fascists in Moscow, Dutch trade unionists, the activists of England’s Crass collective, queer trailer park inhabitants in Berlin, or Swedish girl punk bands, their music always expresses a collective self-assertion, a No! set to music whose slogan Do it yourself! has become a strident 21st century ‘International.’

“‘Noise and Resistance’ is an inspiring journey through Europe’s contemporary utopia, to subcultural places of desire where unity derives from autonomy along with the best punk sound you’ve heard for years.”

Watch the trailer at


Julia Ostertag is a writer, director, cinematographer, and editor. Her films include Under the Red Umbrella, Saila, Gender X, No American Dream, and Sex Junkie.

Francesca Araiza Andrade made her first experiences in the medium of film as a so-called guerilla film maker. She completed 3 years training in the specialised field “Camera” in Berlin; since then she is working as cinematographer and editor for numerous international productions, in fields such as short film, Music clip, Reportage and Documentary. Social struggles, alternative lifestyles, subculture and political activism have been driving factors for her as well as in the issues of her films. The last seven years she has been an active member of AK KRAAK, a leftwing video collective based in Berlin. There she produced several films critiquing society, capitalism and globalization standing apart from the focus of mass media. Noise and Resistance is her first feature length documentary as a director.


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