Insurgent Theatre Presents “Ad Seg”, Thursday, May 5th, 8 pm

Location: Nottingham Co-op. 146 Langdon St., Madison

(take Henry toward lake Mendota, turn right on Iota Court)

“Ad Seg is prison slang for administrative segregation, also known as isolation or long term solitary confinement. Many prisoners are held in Ad Seg 23 hours a day for years on end… Ad Seg is an experimental workshop piece developed by the cast. It’s an early form of a larger project aimed at dragging america’s prisons into the light. At this stage, we’re mainly approaching the subject with our bodies and our imaginations… It seems most americans relate to prison as an unmentionable aspect of our society, something we all fear and regret, but few of us want to even imagine.¬† With this project we will discover and share our notion of prison life… We like to produce shows on the cheap and focus on putting money toward people, rather than fancy props or high tech goodies. Profits from the show will be split three ways: 30% goes straight to the pockets of the performers, 35% goes to future touring of this and other shows (Insurgent Theatre) and 35% goes toward prisoner support in Ohio (Redbird Prison Abolition). This show was created by Weslie Coleman, Kate Pleuss, Rebecca Riley and Ben Turk. Produced by Insurgent Theatre, with Puppeteria. It contains puppets, and nudity.”

Hope you can come out and support some radical theater!


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