The True Cost of Coal, Sun, May 8, 9am

Who: the Beehive Design Collective

What: A picture-lecture to present the newest anti-copyright, collaborative illustration from the Beehive Collective!  “The True Cost of Coal” uses plants and animals of the Appalachian Mountains to explore themes of the resource extraction, power and grassroots resiliency! 

The graphic is a synthesis of stories shared with us by communities impacted by mountaintop removal coal mining.  We are excited to cross-pollinate by sharing these stories with you!

When: Sunday, May 8th, 9am

Where: First United Methodist Church of Madison

for more info:

What’s a picture lecture?The Bees have spent 10 years developing an innovative and story-based education strategy that we share through a variety of interactive, image-based picture-lectures and graphic workshops. We believe that art is a tool for popular analysis, education and organizing- and that the complex and overwhelming issues that face our world can be broken down and understood in simple pictures.

In our workshops and presentations, we use giant, portable murals to deconstruct issues as far-reaching as globalization, climate change, colonization and resource extraction. We strive to provoke discussion, raise hard questions, and share hopeful stories about the small-scale changes and actions we can undertake to build a better world.


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