Birding By Bicycle – Fri, April 15th, 8-10am

Birding by Bicycle
Fri, Apr 15, 2011 8-10am
Bike to the UW Arboretum to look for and identify our feathered friends.  We’ll meet up at the Madison Infoshop and bike to & thru the Arb, likely hitting Olin Park on the way back.  Bring binoculars, bird ID books, and water bottles, if you can.  We’ll probably spot redwing blackbirds, woodpeckers, and turkeys, as well as various waterfowl migrating through.  Kids and families are encouraged to come!
For those who need bikes or want to walk/wheelchair/scooter into the Arb with us, email Tops at for loaner bikes and/or the alternative meetup spot/time.”
Bicycle, or working legs, wheelchair, or scooter
Meet at Madison Infoshop/Nature’s Bakery, 1019 Williamson St, in the parking lot (will bike to Arboretum) 
Dress warm, bring binoculars, bird ID books, and water bottles. English. Yes, please RSVP.
The birding bike ride will be lead by Tops, an amateur birder who bikes through the Arboretum many times a week, looking up.  Weeks ago, Tops was followed halfway through the Arboretum by a great horned owl, which was BAD ASS.


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