Street Medic Trainings

the madison community wellness collective has organized a plethora of street medic trainings. 

Wed 3/23 & Mon 3/28: initial assessment
Thurs 3/24 & Tues 3/29: triage, secondary assessment and medical emergencies
Fri 3/25 & Wed 3/30: injuries
Sat 3/26 & Thurs 3/31: bridge training for medical professionals
Fri 4/1: preparation and debriefing
The times of the trainings will all be 6:30pm to 10:00pm, at Rainbow Book Store Coop, 426 West Gilman St. Madison WI.

the classes as a unit complete the 20 hour street medic training in about 17 hours.  they also function as stand alone units, although much is lost when not connected. 
the Bridge training for medical professionals will cover:
Practicing in the street/special circumstances, focusing on the practice of community health during civil unrest or natural disaster. How to move in the street, street clinics, protester tactics, disaster response and chemical decontamination.

this is a part of the complete training, and is not exclusive to professionals. for more information, contact


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