Japan Nuclear Event Communication Session, Tues, Mar 22, 6-8pm

What: The earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan caused accidents at some of Japan’s nuclear reactors. The information being distributed through the news is often confusing, unclear, incorrect, and so on.

The purpose of this class is to give some background about nuclear reactors and a description of what happened (up to the information available at that time). The intent is for this to be clear and understandable for everyone. Most of the time will be spent on answering questions and discussion.

When: Tues, Mar 22, 2011   6-8pm

Where: 215 Schley Pass
Schley Pass is a small alley off of Wilson St. between Baldwin and Dickinson. 215 is the big green house on the corner.

Contact info: Rachel Slaybaugh    slaybaugh@wisc.edu 570-850-3385

About me: I am a fifth year PhD student in nuclear engineering at UW. I am minoring in energy analysis and policy. My undergraduate degree is from Penn State, also in nuclear engineering. I was a licensed reactor operator for Penn State’s research reactor and have had a variety of experiences in the nuclear field.

Extra: If you can’t come to the session but would still like to talk about these issues, please let me know and I’ll try to either answer your questions via email or find a time to meet with you.


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