Facts about Neutrons, Thurs, Apr 14th, 6-8 pm

Where: 1137 E. Mifflin St., in the living room  ( Bike East on Mifflin from the Capitol. Keep your eye out for bikes on a porch!)

When: Thursday, Apr 14th,   6-8pm   (Every other week)

This is intended to be a casual, fun, crash course in the basics of nuclear science as well as a forum for open, non-judgmental discussion and curiosity. It will largely focus on phenomena like radiation, fission, and current nuclear energy production.  We’ll introduce concepts in the first hour (me, my dry erase board, you, your questions, and snacks/beverages if you like!). In the (totally optional) second hour, I hope you’ll all bring your wisdom, questions, comments, and concerns to share with everyone in an open, productive, learning-focused, nuclear-science-related discussion.

Katy Huff    – katyhuff@gmail.com

Tentatively, this course will be in 4 parts:
– Particles
– The Nucleus
– Fission, Fusion,
– Fuel, Recycling, and Waste

b.y.o. snacks or beverages
Drop-ins welcome.

Teacher Bio:
“I’m Katy Huff, and I get excited about physics, vegetables, bicycles, coffee, coops, and scientific computation. I have a physics degree from the University of Chicago and am now a graduate student in Nuclear Engineering here at UW, but I rarely get a chance to exchange any of the things in my head with the people in my “”real”” life. What am I doing in nuclear engineering? My current research is concerned with the impacts of spent fuel storage.

In case you’re interested, I’m also really excited about programming, and have participated in a lot of cool research like nonlinear granular phase dynamics, anisotropies of the cosmic microwave background, and accelerator physics, so if any of those things sound cool, please ask!  “


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