Potluck! Friday, March 25th, 7pm (Teacher meeting at 6pm)

Where:  1885 E. Washington (The Perch)

When: Friday, March 25th, 7pm (Teacher Meeting at 6pm)

Join us for our monthly potluck, where we get together, share ideas and announce upcoming events!  Please bring a friend and a dish to pass.   You may also want your calendar or planner for scheduling.

HOMEWORK!  Think about what you want to learn and what you can teach.  There will be posters up on the wall for folks to write these down and make check marks for things they agree with (SPARKLE!).  This info will be up on our website and sent out the listserv!

NEW THIS MONTH!  Come early for a gathering of prospective teachers.  If you have an idea you’d like to share but you’re not sure how to make it happen, please come at 6pm!  We’ll make plans, network, and try to answer questions that come up.


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One response to “Potluck! Friday, March 25th, 7pm (Teacher meeting at 6pm)

  1. Lynsey Lotus

    What an amazing time! So essential. I would like to post something about the event tomorrow…
    Wellness Day for Revolutionaries!
    4pm-9pm @ 2100 Winnebago St Nessalla Kombucha Kitchen
    UPDATE!!!: The Wellness event will now be held next door to Sector67 @ Nessalla Kombucha Kitchen. The movie will still be held @ Sector67 at 6:15pm)
    Hey friends!
    As some of you may have heard, there is going to be another Wellness Day for Activists. The details are as follows:

    Where:Nessalla Kombucha Kitchen/ Sector67 (2100 Winnebago St)

    When: March 27th 4pm-9pm

    Who: You, your fam, friends you think should be there…

    What: Bodywork, Yoga, Hoopin, Dancing, a mini Herbal Class, Acupressure Class, showing of the documentary FIERCE LIGHT: WHEN SPIRIT MEETS ACTION. and discussion.


    4-5:30pm Bodywork, yoga, dancin time

    4:15-5:15pm Acupressure for Self-Care

    5:30-6:15pm Mini Herbal Class

    6:15-7:45pm Movie time!!

    7:45-8:45pm Discussion (on film, future events, Guerilla Gardening)

    8:45-9pm CLEAN UP xoxo

    ~Food and beverages are in the works…hopfully Co-op will donate again?? otherwise potluck style?

    ~If you or anyone you know are interested in providing bodywork or yoga instructions, please invite send them my way!


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