ZINE CALL-OUT: A People’s History of the Capitol Occupation


The Madison Infoshop invites you to collaborate on a zine compiling
people’s stories of the Capitol Occupation in Madison, starting
February 15th, 2011.  Add your stories, essays, photos, art, poetry,
song lyrics, etc.  Speak from personal experiences inside and outside
of downtown, because WE ARE THE MEDIA!

Deadline for submissions: April 22nd, Earth Day
Zine debut: May 1st, May Day

Ideas for submissions:

– personal narratives, testimonials, and group writings
– social theory, thoughts, and reflections surrounding the occupation
– artwork
– transcribed interviews or oral histories
– song lyrics or poetry
– lessons learned from group assemblies, organizing, etc.
– inside/outside strategies
– photographs
– infrastructural set-up, obstacles, and successes
– organizing outside of the occupation/downtown

Please keep your submissions under 750 words and include exact
times/dates if you can.
If you can lay out your own piece, please do!  We will be printing on
folded-over 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, so you can lay out individual pages on
sheets 5.5″ x 8.5″.  Please keep in mind copy quality and margins, and
limit yourself to 4 pages.
We are flexible on length, especially if you have a group collaboration.

Physical pieces can be submitted to the Madison Infoshop.  You can
drop the piece off during open hours, or mail it to:

Occupation Zine
c/o The Madison Infoshop
1019 Williamson Street #B
Madison, WI 53703

Or, email your piece to:


We can answer questions about layout, content, etc.  We can use your
help with layout, formatting, printing, and/or distribution, so get in
touch if you can help!


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One response to “ZINE CALL-OUT: A People’s History of the Capitol Occupation

  1. mj

    The deadline is roughly rolling as we the editors will start over the next two weeks, editing, please write SOMETHING!

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