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The Road Goes Ever On and On

Dear Freeskoolers,

We write to you today to announce a changing of the guard: a new team of enthusiastic, self-directed learners/teachers is offering its time and energy to the Madison community through the Freeskool. Allie and Shannon, fond founders, are officially taking our leave. There have been incarnations of the Madison Freeskool before the one we started in the kitchen of 1221 Spaight St. in 2009, we bet there will be more after, and this switcheroo is just one more motion in the evolving dance of community building and self-motivated learning here in Madison.

Please welcome Amy, Brandon, and friends as the new stewards of the Madison Freeskool. The new website is located here:

We are deeply grateful for the presence of the Freeskool in our lives, and that means YOU! Thank you for being part of the Madison Freeskool community. We wish you all the growth and insight, the motivation and magic, of learning and teaching your whole lives long.

Allie and Shannon

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Fireside Pumpkin Carving Party!!

Monday Oct 28 – meet first @ InfoShop @ 1019 Williamson at 8:00 pm

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Screen Printing Basics

We will make participant-designed silkscreen stencils during the workshop. Materials for printing patches will be provided.

Sunday Oct 27 2:00 pm

Where: Madison InfoShop, 1019 Williamson. (608) 262-9036


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Art of War Study Group

We will study the ancient Chinese military treatise by Sun Tzu and apply the principles to analyze Occupy Oakland Move-In Day and other successful and unsuccessful actions, strikes, and revolutions.

Thursdays starting Oct 24th* 6:30 pm

Where: the Madison InfoShop, 1019 Williamson St · (608) 262-9036

*On Oct 24th only, a special Gong Fu Tea ceremony at 5:30 followed by casting of I Ching hexagrams at 6:00.

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Anarchist Sci-Fi Reading Group

Wednesdays starting Oct 23rd 6:30 pm

Where: Madison InfoShop, 1019 Williamson St · (608) 262-9036

We will discuss and choose an initial list of books for this series at the first meeting.

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Economics for the Rest of Us series

Free Skool discussion series hosted by John Peck (an underpaid part-time economics instructor at Madison College among other things…)

Where: Madison Info Shop

When: Mondays at 6:30 PM starting October 21st

It has been called the “dismal science” and even an “advance form of brain disease,” but economics can actually be useful, radicalizing, and empowering if approached in a different way!   Are people greedy or altruistic?  What is value and wealth?   Is competition or cooperation more efficient?

In this five part series, meeting on different Mondays at 6:30 PM from Oct. through Jan. at 6:30 pm at the Madison Infoshop (1019 Williamson St.), we’ll explore some of the major schools of economic thinking (neoclassical, institutionalist, neomarxist),  the ways they look at the world, and the “solutions” they propose to economic challenges that face all human societies.

The proposed series schedule (subject to change) is as follows:

Mon. Oct. 21st
Kickoff Discussion – overview of basic economic concepts and conventional assumptions

Mon. Nov. 18th
Land & Property – What is it?  Who decides who owns what?  Why can I no longer save seeds?

Mon. Dec. 16th
Work & Labor – How is value produced?  Who benefits?  Why do I hate my job so much?

Mon. Jan. 13th
Capital & Debt – Who owes whom what?  How is money created?  Are banks even necessary?

Mon. Jan. 27th
Wrap-Up Discussion – if we created our own economic system from scratch what would it look like?

Short background readings will be made available prior to each session.  While the discussion will build upon itself over time, folks are also welcome to just drop in at any point.  If you have further questions or to get on the contact list for this Free Skool series, contact:

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Bike Cart Building Workshop! !All Skills and Interests Welcome!

when: Sat. – Sun. April 20th – 21st  10:00 am – 4:00 pm  

where: Freewheel Community Bike Shop (1804 S. Park St. #5) 

This Earth Week Madison’s Freewheel Community Bike Shop will be hosting a weekend workshop exploring and practicing the construction of bicycle carts.  Using an easy design, low cost parts, and simple fabrication skills & tools, participants will share with each other basic skills and perhaps BUILD a cart for themselves as well!!  You’ll experience the basics of steel conduit bending and cutting and basic Oxy-acetylene welding. The workshop will be split into two days.  Saturday will be focused on learning and skill sharing and getting the process down.  Sunday will be more of a construction event where we’ll all attempt putting together roughly ten or more bicycle carts in a large spectacular group effort.

The public is welcome to view each day’s events for FREE, but a small donation to Freewheel will allow folks hands-on practice and use of tools the whole weekend.  And if you pre-register before Apr 18th, for a sliding-scale $25-50 you can sign-up to construct and take home your very own cart.    REGISTER SOON for details!  We’re also looking for volunteers.  So, if you have a few skills to share and would like to help volunteer please register as well.  Info? or #920-763-5970

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Bird, Bee, and Bat House Building Workshop

when: Sun. April 28th, 12 Noon – 4 pm

where: Syntropy Co-op, 812 Jenifer St

Back by popular demand!  Please spread the word!

Join us if you are a fan of furry, feathery, and fuzzy critters.  No carpentry experience required – we have the tools and we’re here to help!  We’ll provide scrap wood and basic designs to create homes for songbirds, solitary bees, hibernating butterflies, and brown bats, though you can certainly bring your own plans and materials for other projects.

This is a family friendly event, so kids are most welcome!  Refreshments will be provided.

Info?  #262-9036

marianna comes to madtown 020

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Brew…In your HOME! Thursday 1/31/13

with Clint!

1403 Willy St. back door
Thursday 1/31/13,  2pm till 6pm. Prompt
FYI: Not checkin email for a while. see ya there.

Cost: umm…FREE! or homebrew to share
You can expect:
— a Oatmeal stout recipe
— a 4-6 hour process.  It will involve my whole-grain routine, but I’ll point out how to do easier malt extract recipes too.  I’ll try to streamline it to speed it along.
— an open format so we can learn from eachother.  I’ll try to point out stuff I know and understand, but folks are welcome to chime in.
— an encouraging atmosphere for folks of any experience, even if you haven’t contemplated making brew till now.
— homebrew to share. maybe some mead too??

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Free Lecture: Discipline and Publish: Radical Prison Journalism and the Making of a Penal Print Culture

Co-sponsored by the Jail Library Group and the Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture. Presented by Sarita Alami, PhD Candidate, Emory University

Monday, December 3
12-1 p.m., SLIS Commons (4207 Helen C. White Hall)

Before the rise of mass incarceration in the late 1970s, many prisoners had the freedom to write and publish newspapers. Despite operating under circumstances that were heavily censored and highly constrained, inmate-journalists discussed national and international politics, engaged each other and the public, and reflected a dynamic, oppressive, and often-controversial penal culture. The product of a collective endeavor, these documents provide a novel method for tracing the history of institutional culture from the inside out. This talk focuses on the radical feminist and black power prison newspapers held at the Wisconsin Historical Society, examining how inmates created a vibrant inter-prison news network despite geographic isolation and significant censorship. Methodologically, this talk discusses how digital tools like text mining and topic modeling can offer novel ways to discover patterns in newspapers and other large bodies of text.

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